Can you imagine the scene in the Florida legislature where insurance industry lobbyists were presenting drafts of new laws to Republican lawmakers? It must have gone something like this:

‘These laws will allow us to not pay claims, or if we have to, we will have a lot more leverage to pay less because nobody will be able to afford a lawyer. And, if they do hire a lawyer and sue, it will cost them a lot more, and we will make them go through more hoops that exist nowhere else in the country. We will take away almost any chance of bad faith lawsuits so we can deny a lot more claims. We will not have to offer as much coverage. And the best, we will get these laws passed and not promise to lower any premiums. Indeed, the rates may go up!’Continue Reading Florida Lawmaker Recognizes Anti-Consumer Laws Passed Make Insurance Companies a Great Investment

Two recent articles, Insurers Gave Ron DeSantis Millions. He Made It Harder to Sue Them, and DeSantis’ New Insurance Law Could Make It Harder to Rebuild After Hurricane Idalia, underscore how new insurance laws, supported by deals DeSantis made with Florida’s insurance industry, will make it more difficult for common folks to force insurance companies to pay what is owed. These articles correctly noted:Continue Reading Media Calls Out Florida’s Politicians and DeSantis For Selling Out To Insurers—The Maddening Reality For Hurricane Idalia Victims

We recently discussed the bills that passed during the 2023 Louisiana legislative session. However, some of the most notable and potentially sweeping bills were ones that did not pass, namely HB 604 (that we recently discussed when it was proposed) and HB 601.Continue Reading Louisiana 2023 Legislative Scorecard, Part Two – What failed to pass?

Louisiana recently completed its 2023 legislative session. As expected, the most recent session was very busy, especially in the area of property insurance legislation. Facing a dwindling and increasingly expensive insurance market and recent reforms in Florida, Louisiana was confronted with numerous bills attempting to address the perceived problems in its insurance market.Continue Reading Louisiana 2023 Legislative Scorecard, Part One – What passed?

Ron DeSantis did not create the current mess of the Florida insurance industry. There are many causes and people to blame for the current mess. The question raised by a recent publication1 is whether the proper measures to correct the problems were not taken because the insurance industry has paid off Florida’s top executive. Continue Reading Did The Insurance Industry Buy Out Florida’s Leaders?

How many apartment complexes and other structures have dangerous residue from smoke, and the landlord does not want to find out how bad it is for fear of losing tenants? A proposed Colorado law takes aim at this difficult issue. Continue Reading Urban Wildfire Damage Requires Full Investigation and Testing to Determine if a Structure Is Safe for Occupancy

While I have often said that appraisal is the Wild West of insurance claims resolution because there are no written rules, I suggest readers of this blog take a few minutes to read a bill pending in the Louisiana legislature1 and ponder the question I never thought I would say: 

Are We Better Off With No Written Rules When It Comes To Appraisal Other State Common Law? Continue Reading Louisiana Bill Proposes To Codify All The Rules of Appraisal

The recently filed and quickly-to-be-heard proposed Florida insurance laws noted in yesterday’s post, Breaking News—Florida Senate Proposes New Insurance Legislation, finds Steve Badger in general agreement with this  proposed unfair claims practice:    Continue Reading Part of The Proposed Florida Legislation Has At Least One Person In General Agreement—Steve Badger

After passing the most favorable insurance company legislation—which led former President Donald Trump to call out his fellow Republican leaders for selling out the insurance industry—the Florida Senate this afternoon crafted some new proposed insurance laws aimed at helping Floridians.   Continue Reading Breaking News—Florida Senate Proposes New Insurance Legislation