“Insurance breakage” mirrors the concept of breakage in the retail sector. In retail, breakage refers to the revenue gained from unredeemed gift cards or prepaid services. Essentially, customers pay upfront for a service or product they never use, and the retailer benefits financially from this non-redemption.Continue Reading Insurance Breakage—Insurance Companies Profit When Policyholders Give Up

Seek Now (fka Ladder Now) is a third-party vendor to insurance companies. It has non-licensed inspectors do work that historically was accomplished by company or independent adjusters. Here is a memo from a Seek Now manager to his field inspection team:Continue Reading The Outcome Oriented Claims Culture Is Pervasive and Killing Any Good Will Towards the Insurance Industry

Steve Patrick inspired me to write today’s post. In Level The Playing Field, he commented that “adjusters are persuaded by those they like, trust, and respect – just like prospects do with sales professionals. This is human nature.”  Continue Reading Adjusters, Appraisers, and Umpires: The Power of Trust, Respect, and Likability in Property Insurance Claims Handling and Appraisals

Departments of Insurance and insurance regulators should start keeping a Wrongful Claims Conduct Rap Sheet regarding insurance companies that mistreat policyholders. Insurance companies are never going to advertise or air their dirty claims handling tricks to the public. How do policyholders learn which insurance companies are good faith claims handlers versus those with a history of frustrating their customers when it comes time to service and pay claims? Why don’t the state departments of insurance make these complaints easier for the public and journalists to find?   Continue Reading Frontline Insurance Company Wrongful Practice Rap Sheet

An active bad faith lawsuit in Maryland has raised some crazy allegations worthy of consideration. A claims manager for State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company allegedly refused to settle a claim because he wanted to teach the public adjusting firm retained by the policyholder a lesson and leverage this case with other cases in which the public adjusting firm was involved. Here are the facts recited in an Order by a federal judge:1Continue Reading Insurance Claims Manager Tries to Teach Public Adjusting Firm a Lesson—Does State Auto Have an Ethical Claims Problem?

Church Mutual has not been so friendly and acting in good faith to its Louisiana policyholders. A federal judge in Louisiana made this closing statement about a trial with Church Mutual where Engle Martin acted as Church Mutual’s independent adjuster:1Continue Reading Church Mutual Found To Be Systematically Underpaying Claims By a Federal Judge and Engle Martin Grossly Underestimated The Loss

The Windstorm Insurance Network (Wind) is a one of a kind organization where representatives of insurers and policyholders collaborate in a professional exchange of information and learning about wind damage claims. A recent notice about flat roof claims issues caught my attention. Tara Stone is on the Wind board of directors and has organized this event. I think it is worth your attendance if you handle claims involving wind damage to flat roofs. Continue Reading Wind Damage to Flat Roofs—Prove It! – Tara Stone and The Windstorm Insurance Network Set Flat Roof Wind Damage Webinar

If you read this blog or are active on any kind of social media, you’ve heard of ChatGPT by now. The artificial intelligence platform seems to be taking the world by storm, as people use it for everything from complex coding to writing grocery lists. The possibilities are quite literally endless.Continue Reading The Future of Property Insurance: The Impact of Using AI on Claim Handling